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You can now request Private Fares across 10 airlines and Travelport

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

We’re super excited to offer support for requesting Private Fares in our API.

Private fares are specially discounted fares contracted between airlines and agents. Private fares can also afford agents special conditions on bookings for example zero change fee.

If you have fares filed with airlines, you can now use the Duffel API to request private fares. We’ve added support for selected airlines and we will be adding more in future. If you have fares filed with an airline for which you don’t find support in our API, get in touch with us.

We support today:

  1. British Airways (corporate and leisure)

  2. Lufthansa Group (corporate and leisure)

    • Lufthansa

    • Eurowings

    • Swiss

    • Austrian

    • Brussels

  3. Travelport (leisure)

  4. Emirates (leisure)

  5. Singapore Airlines (corporate)

  6. Qantas (corporate)

  7. United (corporate)

You can learn all about requesting and identifying private fares in our guide.

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