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We’ve updated our search default to 1 max connection

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

We’re sharing an update on the default behaviour of Duffel’s search product, which will provide all customers with improved performance and more relevant offers. Until today, we haven’t provided any defined behaviour for how many connections we search for. We now have customer level support for controlling this, using the Max Connections Filter, where you can specify up to 2 connections. This is the maximum number of connections that Duffel supports today.

From Wednesday 21st December 2022, the default Duffel behaviour will be a maximum of 1 connection. So if you search without setting the Max Connections Filter, you’ll get offers back that include up to 1 connection. We’re making this change because 1 connection covers a vast majority of all flights flown worldwide, and because it provides a faster search experience with more relevant offers for all our customers.

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