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We’ve added a new search experience

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

We’re excited to announce a new multi-step search flow in addition to our existing offer request creation to search flights.

This will allow you to search for flights one slice at a time as you build up your whole flight journey. That means that you will get streamlined offers for each slice which will make search feel faster and more intuitive as you build your full flight itinerary.

With this new search experience it is significantly easier to integrate and display offers to your end users by providing only the offers you need to select a slice of the journey. Your customer won’t have to reason through lots of permutations either.

As an example for a search that would return 2000 offers at once, combining outbound and inbound journeys, with this new flow, you can perhaps get just around 44 offers per outbound and inbound journey.

This new experience also provides an opportunity for upselling at the end of the flow. An end user can easily move from Basic Economy to Premium Economy without having to start the entire flow from the beginning.

This new experience is still marked as preview as we’re still learning about its use cases. You can use it today.

Want to update your integration to support multi-step search? Check out the easy step-by-step guide here.

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