The Duffel team

We now return Fare Brand information for each offer slice in flight search

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

Fare Brands are a way for airlines to differentiate their fare offering. For example, an airline might have a cheap Economy Basic fare which comes with no checked baggage allowance, or an Economy Flex fare which allows for flight changes.

We have introduced a new fare_brand_name attribute on slices inside an offer which shows this information. See the offer schema for more details. This should help you better see the differences between the offers you get from flight search in our API!

As of today, we have full support for Fare Brands for the following airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • Austrian

  • British Airways

  • Brussels Airlines

  • Duffel Airways (in our sandbox)

  • Lufthansa

  • Olympic Air

  • Qatar Airways

  • Swiss

  • Vueling

  • WestJet

For others, you might still currently see "fare_brand_name": null, but you can already leverage this attribute starting today.

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