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We now give you the information about flights' operating carriers needed to be compliant with international rules

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

Many countries' laws require companies selling flights to always disclose the full name of the operating carrier of flights they're selling, not just the marketing carrier.

For example, a flight operated by American Airlines might be sold by British Airways. These laws require you to show both names in your booking flow and in the booking confirmation.

US regulations go further, requiring you to show "any other name under which the service is held out to the public" (for example a brand name).

Many airlines in North America work with "regional carriers" to run large parts of their network, for example SkyWest Airlines, who work with American Airlines to operate flights under the "American Eagle" brand.

We take care of this in our API. On offers and orders, we will return an operating_carrier object on each of the segments with a name which includes all of the information you need to display.

For example, when a flight is operated by SkyWest Airlines for American Airlines under the American Eagle brand, the will be SkyWest Airlines as American Eagle. and the will be American Airlines

To make sure you're compliant, you should always display the of each flight in your checkout flow and in any booking confirmation.

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