The Duffel team

We now return fare basis codes on offers

AUTHOR: The Duffel team

We now return fare basis codes on offers in the API. You'll find this data, where available, at the segment passenger level of an offer (slices[].segments[].passengers[].fare_basis_code). For airlines where this data isn't available, we'll return the value null.

This feature is currently supported for Duffel Airways, our sandbox airline, plus the following 13 airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • Austrian

  • British Airways

  • Brussels Airlines

  • Emirates

  • Iberia

  • Lufthansa

  • Olympic Air

  • Qantas


  • United

  • WestJet

We'll be launching this with more airlines in due course - stay tuned to our changelog for the latest updates. If there are any airlines where you'd particularly like to see this feature, or if you'd like to see fare basis codes on orders as well as offers, please do get in touch.

Fare basis codes won't be useful to everyone, but they can be valuable in certain cases - for example if you want to compare offers received from Duffel with offers from other providers (for example a global distribution system).

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